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We empower you to transform your health – evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle solutions for restoring health and vitality.


Let’s talk about you

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Let’s talk about you

You may have had a diagnosis of heart disease or be taking medications for cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes. Perhaps you have good health and wish to maintain vitality as you age.

Our programs will help you cut through the hype and confusion to give you a simple, yet powerful, nutrition and lifestyle solution. We will work with you and your health care team to make the lifestyle changes that are right for you.


Revitalise your Health

In a supportive group environment, with people experiencing similar issues to you, we will introduce you to a lifestyle that will transform your health and reduce your need for medications. This can be done through our 7-day live-in immersion retreat in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. 

If you would like to sample our program, you can join our next online webinar series which introduces you to whole food plant-based nutrition.


Programs & Services

Immersion Retreats

A week long live-in comprehensive lifestyle medicine immersion retreat designed to kick start or refine your health transformation

Private Consultations

Medical, nutrition, dietetics, therapy and wellness coaching appointments are available by Telehealth or in person

Workplace Health Programs

Flexible programs for employers who recognise that healthy workers are productive workers

Webinars & Seminars

One day events or webinar series that cover the why, what and how of whole foods, plant-based nutrition

Meet the program leaders

Dr Malcolm Mackay

Dr Peter Johnston

Jenny Cameron


For Health Professionals

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For Health Professionals

The role of healthy diet and lifestyle in chronic disease management is well accepted but difficult to implement in medical practice. Our team can work with you to integrate the behaviour domains of lifestyle medicine into your treatment plan.

Our immersion retreat is held in a supportive group environment and is designed to provide patients with the knowledge and skills they need for real and lasting change.

Our Approach


The maintenance and restoration of health using evidence-based lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, sleep, stress management and social connectedness.


I loved the fact that I didn’t feel deprived of food because there is no portion control, huge bonus for me. That made me happy and kept me on track.


Stay informed by following our blog in which we post news and give tips on leading a healthier lifestyle.

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